Collegiate Flip Fucking 4

April 26, 2017

Collegiate Flip Fucking 4 cover

When Corbin Fisher gets two ripped, hot and versatile college boys together, all bets are off. These studs can give and take, and their time at CF has taught them they thoroughly enjoy both. Cameron and Josh, Chuck and Trey, Quinn and Dawson, and Reed and Jon headline this forth installment of CF's Collegiate Flip Fucking series, with every scene packed full of raw hardcore action, every cock drilling a tight hole, and every firm jock's ass getting pounded deep!

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When Corbin Fisher gets two ripped, hot and versatile college boys together, all bets are off. These studs can give and take, and their time at CF has taught them they thoroughly enjoy both.

Stars: Trey (Corbin Fisher)

Wesley Chainsmoking In Bed - Boys-smoking

April 26, 2017

**This was a previous update. We weren't happy with the video quality so we redid the video and are reposting it. There will still be a new update this week. We just wanted to replace the previous version of this with the higher quality version. Hot chainsmoker Wesley smokes hard and strokes off his throbbing uncut cock! Watch his hot inhales and exhales while he pumps on his hard bone!

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Cum Factory Lucas Loves Toys In His Hole! -

April 25, 2017

Jizz factory Lucas has impressed everyone already with his mutual knob play. The first time he enjoyed another boys cock he shot so much cream, over and over again, we knew he would be into doing more. JS is lucky enough to have the young man on the massage table, his gorgeous joystick soon hard and slick with lube, his cock ready for sucking and stroking and his tight virgin hole ready for a toy or two to slide into it! He had a great time being made to jizz in a new way, we know this isn't gonna be the last time he enjoys the delights of his hole.

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Slicked Up - Sebastian Kross & Brayden Allen

April 24, 2017

Sebastian Kross' washboard abs are framed between his harness and skin tight black shorts that are so shiny they're practically a mirror. Brayden Allen tears away Sebastian's codpiece and pigs out on Sebastian's rod. Spit flies as Sebastian moans and starts involuntarily flexing his hips until he's full on face fucking Brayden's mouth. Leaning over, Sebastian works on Brayden's ass with a finger, then comes around to have a taste. Spreading the cheeks, Sebastian tongues the center of Brayden's delicious ass. Lubing up his cock, Sebastian holds Brayden by the ankles like a wheelbarrow and drives his meat inside. The advanced doggy-style pounding has Brayden begging for more. Flipping over, he throws a leg over Sebastian's shoulder and gives up his hole for intense penetration. Sebastian drives his cock deep into Brayden's tight ass and pounds into his prostate. Jerking his cock, Brayden builds up an enormous orgasm that propels white jism all over his leg and forearm. Sebastian lets loose with great blasts of cum that drench Brayden's rubber tank top. Sebastian swirls his finger through the puddle of semen and brings it to Brayden's lips, giving him a taste of the load he worked so hard to earn.

Property Lovers - JJ Knight & Beau Reed

April 21, 2017

After a long day, JJ Knight and Brent Corrigan collapse into bed. Brent excitedly tells JJ about how he caught Alex and Dustin fucking on the job, and the sexy story inspires them into a nighttime quickie. The next morning, Beau Reed arrives to finish some work as JJ is still wrapped in a towel, finishing shaving. Beau nervously asks if he should come back later, but JJ assures him it's no problem. Stepping into the shower, JJ rinses off the shaving cream and shows off his massive boner to Beau, whose eyes widen with surprise and lust. Stripping off his clothes, Beau walks over and kisses JJ, then eagerly opens his mouth wide to swallow JJ's anaconda cock. Thick spit drips from Beau's mouth as he works hard to deepthroat JJ's massive meat. Bending over, Beau spreads his ass wide inviting JJ to give him a deep rim job. Using his finger, JJ works his spit down inside Beau's tight, pink hole. Lubing up his cock, JJ slides himself inside Beau doggy style. Flipping over and putting his legs in the air, Beau jerks his cock while JJ fucks him deep and hard. With JJ still inside him, Beau explodes with a massive load that splatters across his smooth torso. JJ pulls out and strokes out a thick, enormous load that coats Beau's cock with cum.

Mark Long & Justin Owen - Mark Long & Justin Owen

April 20, 2017

When Justin Owen heard that Mark Long was done with his long break, he made sure he finagled his way into prime position to be partnered up, and now that the big day has arrived, he's ready to flaunt that position (plus a few more). He knows all about Mark's legendary cock, and he's chomping at the bit to take it for a test spin. For his part, Mark is ready to fuck and Justin seems like a perfect candidate. With his bubble ass and his lag of a gag reflex, Mark is sure Justin is just the kind of cock pig he needs to start his comeback, and Justin is sure that he has what it takes to make Mark 'cum back'. Seems like a perfect match.


Hung Country - Hector de Silva & Josh Milk

April 19, 2017

On a walk through the countryside, Hector De Silva hangs off Josh Milk and admires the view. But the grand vista in front of them can't compete with the gorgeous sexiness of each man. They kiss passionately as they undo each other's flys, reaching in to grab handfuls of hard, uncut cock. Without hesitation, Josh wraps his lips around Hector's cock and delivers a blowjob replete with thick spit and intense deepthroating. Moving inside, Hector and Josh stand naked and make out. Their lean, muscular bodies show off every muscle, and Josh shows off the piercings in his tongue, nipples, and at the base of his cock. Pushing Josh against the wall, Hector swoops down and eagerly tongues Josh's hole. The rimming makes Josh moan and writhe with urgent erotic energy. With one motion, Hector pushes his cock deep into Josh's ass. The intensity of Hector's pounding gives Josh unbelievable anal pleasure. Moving to the bedroom, Josh spreads his legs and Hector resumes his pummeling anal assault. Wrapping his hand around his thick cock, Josh milks out his load with an intense orgasm. Pulling out of Josh's ass, Hector immediately spurts thick ropes of cum across Josh's six pack.

Uncle Is Mad - Sam Truitt & Anthony London

April 17, 2017

Sam's at the table sucking the hell out of a lollipop when his pissed off Uncle Anthony comes in yelling at him but Sam can't hear a damn thing since he's wearing headphones. Finally Sam acknowledges his Uncle and concedes he forgot to do some chores. He won't be able to go to the concert later tonight unless he gives up that sweet ass to his Uncle. Anthony pulls out his cock and Sam blows him. Sam will do anything to make it out tonight and if that means having his Uncle fuck him then he will spread his ass cheeks wide and take it like a man. Uncle Anthony takes him to the couch where he gets to suck on Sam's enormous thick cock. This cock takes multiple hands to stroke while sucking it. The thickness in Anthony's mouth begins to make his jaw hurt so he flips Sam over to begin to eat that ass. Sam strokes his fat cock while his Uncle gives him the best rim job he's ever had. Now that his ass is wet and loosened up, Uncle Anthony slowly gives him that cock deep into his eager ass. Once balls deep Anthony begins to pound that young sweet college boy ass. Sam eventually gets to ride his Uncle's shaft as he slowly sits down on it feeling his tight hole stretch even more. Sam rides that cock and gets fucked hard until he's flipped over onto his back where his Uncle fucks the cum right out of his sexy big cock. As soon as Anthony sees that creamy cum ooze out of Sam he pulls his cock out and strokes his big cock until he cums all over Sam leaving gobs of cum all over his smooth chest. Enjoy!

An Easter Treat With Gorgeous Marcus -

April 17, 2017

Would you rather have chocolate or a sexy cream-filled Marcus all of your own? Actually, forget I asked, we all know what the correct answer is! We're giving you boys something a little special today with this sexy release, starring handsome and horny Easter Bunny Marcus! Join him in the bedroom as he explores his tight little ass with toys and strokes his solid cock. That sweet little bunny tail plug looks especially sexy. Be prepared for a healthy treat to finish as he spills his creamy goodness out over a carrot, and enjoys a taste!

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Doc's Orders - Ricky Decker & Jacob Taylor

April 17, 2017

Sexy Dr. Ricky Decker calls Jacob Taylor into his office for a stern discussion. Jacob stands accused of having sex with a fellow employee, and Dr. Decker is furious! In response, Jacob simply slides off his scrubs, revealing his massive cock. As if hypnotized, Dr. Decker grasps Jacob's junk with his hands, then falls to his knees. Wrapping his lips around the head of Jacob's cock, Dr. Decker sucks deeply to the base of Jacob's shaft. Sliding back to the tip, he wraps his hand around Jacob's meat and starts jerking him off. Returning the favor, Jacob uses his tongue to deliver supple licks to the sensitive underside of Dr. Decker's cock. Laying down on his desk, Dr. Decker spreads his legs in the air and gives Jacob access to his tight hole. Going in tongue first, Jacob rims Dr. Decker's ass with plenty of tongue and spit. Standing up to remove their shirts gives them the opportunity to kiss, and then Dr. Decker gives up his ass to Jacob's monster meat. With one leg up on his desk, Dr. Decker gets pummeled by Jacob's powerful thrusts. A switch to missionary gets Dr. Decker close to the edge, and he jerks his cock until cum explodes all over his ripped abs. Pulling out, Jacob explodes his load onto Dr. Decker's chest and abs.