Desert Getaway - Gabriel Cross & Derek Bolt

October 21, 2016

While the other adventurers at this 'Desert Getaway' are out enjoying a hike, Gabriel Cross comes back to the house early to find Derek Bolt all by himself. Feeling a bit shy and intimidated around so many hot, new guys, Derek had stayed behind instead of joining the other friends on the hike. Lucky for him, Gabriel is eager to make Derek feel included. They press their jacked bodies together on the couch and worship each other's muscles. Gabriel tongues Derek's nipple, then goes south and wraps his lips around Derek's huge cock. Derek gets down and sucks on Gabriel's massive, uncut tool. Bending over on a leather chair, Gabriel opens up his ass for a deep tonguing. After working Gabriel's ass and cock with his mouth, Derek slams his throbbing meat inside Gabriel's tight hole. Putting his arms behind his head, Gabriel's entire body is rocked with the power of Derek's thrusts. With their two huge dicks and perfect bubble butts, a flip flop is definitely in order: Gabriel pounds Derek doggy style, driving his meat deep into Derek's hole. They flip again, this time with Gabriel riding Derek's cock from above. In a surprise move, Derek stands and holds Gabriel aloft while fucking him; it's as if Gabriel is getting fucked in an invisible sling. Returning to cowboy position, the intense penetration gets Gabriel off, shooting giant globs of cum across Derek's chest. Going down again, Gabriel gets Derek off with just his mouth. Opening his lips, Gabriel lets the cum dribble down Derek's cock.

Big Dicks At School

October 21, 2016

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The hottest teachers, the horniest students, the biggest cocks! A Cheaters Punishment. A Teachers Crush. Beefcake In Training. College Bullies Own Me. Race For The cock.

Stars: Parker Perry Mario Costa

Evening Bootycall - Alexander Gustavo & Roman Todd

October 20, 2016

As the witching hour approaches and the sun is long set behind them, Roman Todd and Alexander Gustavo decide pool time is over and repair to Roman's living room to dry off and warm up. Roman doesn't bother with the fireplace, deciding instead to heat the room with body energy, as he and Gustavo begin making out on the couch. Gustavo was eager to come over, even at this later hour, and now his insatiable lust for Roman's god like body has come to fruition, as he kisses his way down Roman's chest and removes his shorts. Roman lets Gustavo have his way, resting his hand on the back of Gustavo's head as he takes Roman's cock all the way down his throat. Gustavo strips out of his own clothes as he sucks Roman off, watching him throw his head back against the sofa as he downs the shaft to the base.

Roman is good and ready to fuck, so he flips Gustavo onto his back and returns the favor, alternating between Gustavo's cock and his hole, wetting it with his mouth before sticking it with his cock. Gustavo begs for Roman's hard cock and Roman does not disappoint, pounding Gustavo all over the living room and fucking the cum out of him before pulling out and coating his house guest with a late night treat.


Towel Off - Austin Wolf & Bruno Bernal

October 19, 2016

Hunky power-top Austin Wolf hits the locker room showers and soaps up. As he's lathering his massive chiseled physique, tanned, muscled and tatted stud Bruno Bernal walks in and takes notice. The two admire each other from a distance: Austin fixated on Bruno's hot and hard ass, and Bruno can't take his eyes off Austin's cock. Unable to resist, Bruno helps himself to a mouthful of Austin's fat cock. Testing Bruno's oral capabilities, Austin face-fucks him in multiple, throat-crushing positions including a hot 69. The locker room gets even steamier when Bruno bends over a bench offering his eager hole, and Austin glides his meat in... inch by inch. Austin wipes the dripping sweat from his forehead as he relentlessly pounds Bruno's ass. Staying on the bench, Bruno sits his ass on Austin's cock for an intense riding sit fuck, and then lays back jacking his load out onto his abs while Austin drills deep. He feeds Bruno his own load and shoots his wad onto Bruno, leaving him soaked in warm cum.

Sexy Euro hunk Martin Muse fucks straight hunk Rudy Valentino raw

October 19, 2016
Rudy Valentino is a bottom virgin. Sure this straight guy has sucked da cock and fucked a guy’s ass. But he has never taken it up the ass before. And now he is about to get it. Martin muse is a ripped sexy twink that loves to top. And he is ready to take on the responsibility of popping Rudy’s cherry. They start off by getting naked and exchanging hot blow jobs. Then after some hot making out and exploring the muscles all over each other’s bodies. They start to fuck. Martin slides his raw cock in Rudy and Rudy screams out in pain and pleasure. As Rudy gets used to it, he starts to get fucked harder and harder. Until finally Rudy comes. Then Martin soon follows and busts a nut inside of him. Be sure to check out the hot creamy bareback pics for free here at the Randy Blue Universe.
Featuring: Rudy Valentino, Martin Muse

Horns of Plenty, Part 1

October 17, 2016

Out in a barn, country hunks Robert McDougal, Nicos Casanova and Renato Lima team up with David Dirdam and Alex Ferrari for a five-man suck and rim fest, making each man shoot a load of hot man-juice. Then the five studs get down to fucking: David and Alex tag team fuck Renato, while blond cutie Robert fucks the hell out of Nicos. All this fucking terminates whith huge loads of hot jism being shot from each cock!

Don't Screw With Daddy - Chase Young & John Magnum

October 17, 2016

Chase is being punished with chores for not coming home on time. His Stepdad John is making him clean the pool, rake the yard and move some plants around. Chase isn't happy about it one bit and ends up breaking the rake and also throwing the pole into the pool. Chase finally sits down to relax but then John comes outside and tells him to go back inside and bend over the couch for some spankings. John spanks his ass hard and fast making sure he understands the consequences for his actions. Chase's ass is bright red and now he has to suck on his Daddy's big fat cock. John pumps his face full of his thick cock making Chase gag. John even decides to blow Chase for a bit since his cock is just aching for it. Daddy is demanding and he directs Chase over to the couch to spread his legs wide so he can see that beautiful ass in all its glory. John licks that hole clean lubing it up with all his spit than pushing his big cock slowly deep into Chase's young ass. Chase is moaning with pleasure as his Stepdaddy pounds away on that sweet young ass. Chase is ready to cum so he mounts up on Daddy's thick cock and rides his shaft up and down until his tight hole squeezes as he releases his load all over himself and John. He gets off Daddy's cock and lets John cum all over his face like the good son he his.


Bisexual Bodybuilder Maxim Cermak gets a raw load from straight newcomer Tomas Fuk

October 15, 2016
Tomas Fuk walks in on Maxim Cermak jerking off his hard cock. Tomas is straight but anyone would turn gay once they got a look at the perfectly sculpted body of Maxim and his huge uncut cock and piercing blue eyes. Tomas wants to get inside of him. And Maxim is the ready and willing power bottom to give it up. First they start to make out. Then Tomas is the first to suck cock. He deep throats Maxim’s uncut member with ease. Then he lays back and lets Maxim suck on him for a while. Then there is some hot ass play and Tomas fingers and licks the hot open hole of Maxim. Then Tomas starts to fuck him. He lets Maxim sit and ride on his raw cock reverse cowboy. Then they bareback until the jizz is fucked out Maxim and Tomas unleashes a hot load inside of him. Be sure to check out the free gay porn pics of the hot gay fucking here at Randy Blue.
Featuring: Maxim Cermak, Tomas Fuk

Wild Weekend Part 2 - Ryan Rose & Wesley Woods

October 14, 2016

Wesley Woods has been pining for superstar underwear model Ryan Rose all weekend long, but the whole time it seemed like Ryan was more interested in Euro studs Ken Rodeo and Brute. After several hours of partying and reveling in the spectacle of San Francisco Pride, Wesley and Ryan suddenly bump into each other on the street, and something clicks. Ryan reaches out and pulls Wesley close for a kiss, and they quickly head back to the house to go all the way! They make out passionately, and their throbbing boners burst out of their tight briefs. Ryan falls backwards on the bed and Wesley eagerly deepthroats Ryan's huge, stiff cock. Ryan's incredible washboard abs flex as Wesley bathes Ryan's cock in spit. Rising up on his knees, Wesley enjoys expert oral pleasure as Ryan returns the favor. Before long, Wesley has his ass in the air with Ryan's face buried in his tasty ass. After teasing Wesley by rubbing his cock along Wesley's crack, Ryan finally slides his huge cock into Wesley's hole. Wesley's cock swings in the air as he rides Ryan reverse cowboy style. Ryan thrusts up from below, then puts Wesley on his side for intensely deep penetration. Pulling Wesley to the edge of the bed, Ryan stands and unleashes the full power of his pounding, delivering an intense fuck that brings Wesley to an immense orgasm. Pulling out, Ryan jerks his cock and blasts a massive, spurting load directly into Wesley's face. Afterwards, they go up to the roof and make out high above the Castro. Looking up from the street below, JJ sees his two best friends and cheers them on: 'Yes! I knew it!' They all laugh as Wesley exclaims, 'Oh my god, I love Pride!'

Testing the Limits - Johnny Riley & Jake Davis

October 13, 2016

With his family new to the area, Johnny Riley hasn't seen much action since he moved, either sexual or social, so when local pastor's son Jake Davis invites him over, Johnny is excited, and when he sees how big the pastor's house is, he seriously considers pursuing a career in the spiritual sciences. Moments later, Johnny has serious reservations about what he's gotten himself into, as Jake conducts a series of tests to determine Johnny's status with the Lord.

Reading the test info, Jake has serious concerns that Johnny isn't being wholly truthful, but even more concerning are the results that suggest Johnny is harboring a secret crush on Jake. Johnny denies this, but Jake's test has never lied to him before, so he boldly insinuates that Johnny just needs instruction, and begins to administer the family method. Johnny is reluctant at first, but as Jake rubs his body, Johnny loosens up and the bulge in his pants tells Jake everything he needs to know. He guides Johnny through it all, slowly undressing him as he feeds him his cock, then taking his time to reciprocate before instructing Johnny on the more invasive aspects of church life.

Johnny swallows it all, taking it willingly as he loosens up his reservations before cumming clean before Jake and unleashing all his inhibitions. As Johnny lay there exhausted and exposed, Jake tells him he's passed the hardest test, and welcomes him to the church life.