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Double Kross - Adrian Hart & Andrew Stark

July 03, 2015

Huge in every way, Andrew Stark towers over tight-bodied Adrian Hart, whose satiny chocolate skin contrasts with his brilliant white jock strap. Adrian's 8 1/2-inch cock juts out like a ramrod from his jock, rubbing hard against Andrew's equally long but fatter meat. Adrian kneels, using his lips and tongue to work the top of Andrew's cock and nuzzle his nuts, while his hand strokes the shaft. They swivel into a 69. Andrew spreads Adrian's buns to probe the soft center with his tongue and fingers. The breaching of Adrian's tight hole is smooth and easy, accompanied by soft moans. Andrew kneads Adrian's glutes while he fucks him from behind, clasping Adrian tightly in his arms and running his hands through the scant fur on Adrian's chest. Adrian's cries grow louder as Andrew's thrusts gather speed and intensity. Bouncing Adrian on his cock, Andrew lifts him off the ground. Release leaves Adrian with a mustache of creamy cum on his upper lip and a gooey mass of his own jism dripping through his fingers.

Muscular Latino Randy Dixon dumps bareback load in Brendan Phillips

July 03, 2015

Brendan Phillips has a hot perfectly chiseled muscular body. Randy Dixon has a beautifully proportioned gym body as well. These two looked adorable together, and the passion that exuded between them could felt from a mile away. They loved to kiss and worship their pecs and biceps. Then the hard cocks came out. Brendan swallowed the hard cock down to the base. And Randy got face fucked full force by Brendan. Then the bareback fucking began. Randy shoved his raw cock inside Brendan doggie style and then had Brendan ride him. Brendan sat on that hard cock until he came, and then let Randy cum inside of him, giving him a hot cream pie. Be sure to check out the hard core free gay porn pics of the best bareback action in full HD right here at Randy Blue.
Featuring: Brendan Philiips, Randy Dixon

Big Rig Breakdown - Morgan Shades & Jaxton Wheeler

July 02, 2015

Jaxton Wheeler is used to life on the highway. He knows exactly the protocol to follow when his big rig breaks down while driving cargo across the state. Today, however, his cell phone happens to be out of battery when he finds himself in need of a tow. Fortunately, Morgan Shades lives a short hike from the road. Jaxton knocks on Morgan's door, hoping for a little hospitality.Morgan answers the door with a towel around his waist, bearing his well cut physique. Jaxton, although very turned on by handsome Morgan, maintains his composure well enough for Morgan to allow him inside to use the phone. As Jaxton talks to the tow dispatcher, Morgan checks out his amazing body. When Jaxton learns he'll have to wait at least a couple hours for help, Morgan suggests they find something sexy to do in order to pass the time. Jaxton can't believe his luck. What seemed like a shitty situation lead to an opportunity to taste a strange, gorgeous man's hard cock. After sucking Morgan for a while, they switch so Morgan can enjoy Jaxton's boner in his mouth. This makes Morgan's asshole tingle with eagerness to be penetrated. Jaxton is happy to indulge Morgan. Watch him slide his big, stiff meat into Morgan's tight hole and fuck him like a trucker on a delivery schedule. There's only room for pleasantries and hard pounding when these two strangers come together and find the perfect way to make friends and pass a little time.

Extreme Fuck Club - Micah Brandt & Sean Duran

July 01, 2015

The gloves come off when Sean Duran coaches Micah Brandt in the boxing ring. Sean cannot resist Micah's big bubble-ass, especially when the young jock climbs the punching bag and opens his hole to Sean's probing tongue. Micah gets on his knees and swallows Sean's thick cock to the base until he gags on the girth. Sean fucks his face then bends Micah over to complete his training session by shoving his cock up his ass. Sean pounds Micah mercilessly until both studs shoot huge loads all over Micah's washboard abs and chest.

Gym Hunk Duke Campbell lets Atticus Fox drink his cum in his debut

June 30, 2015

Duke Campbell has everything that you want in a guy. A sweet smile, a perfect body full of muscles, a fat bubble ass, a hard cock and an open mind. This boy is straight, but he has admitted that he has let guys blow him before when he was having group sex. And he has curiosities that he needs to scratch. And he certainly scratched them today. He let his hardcore scene partner finish off his solo with a blow job. Atticus Fox ate down the cum like a good boy. Keep an eye out for Atticus to seed him a with a load very soon.
Featuring: Duke Campbell

Costa Brava

June 29, 2015

Nicolas Taxman, Rob Nelson, Scott Carter and Nathan Lewis embark on a sailboat into the Mediterranean Sea. Once out at sea, it's not long before the foursome couple up, and take turns sucking each other's dicks until a round of cum shots have been spilled. Then Nathan invites everyone back to his swank digs for more action. In this sequence, Nicolas fucks Rob, while Nathan plows his 9.5 of man-meat into Scott's furry ass. The fucking positions change, but the result is all four men shooting cum, with a couple of impressive oral cum shots to boot! The four men then arrange themselves on a staircase to insure maximum deep rimming of the two blonds, Scott and Nathan, the latter of which delivers an impressive, multi-squirt cum shot that drenches Nicolas' face with man-juice. Then the foursome moves to a sofa, where Scott and Nicolas furiously double fuck Nathan, while he fills his mouth with Rob's thick, uncut cock. The double penetration culminates with both Scott and Nicolas spewing their jism onto Nathan's ass, which Scott dutifully licks up.

Bareback Study Hall 2: Fundamentals Of Fucking

June 27, 2015

Bareback Study Hall 2: Fundamentals Of Fucking cover

Marco Ashton and Dewayne King sit in on their last class of Algebra 102 for the semester. He asks Marco to come over and show him how to do the work along with a few other things. Dewayne pulls his cock out and has Marco suck on it, then puts Marco up against the wall and starts to fuck his ass deep and rough. Malcome Tanner is a new guy at the Cocodorm University. Arman Woodson tells him the real deal about the school and decides to give him a quick tutorial on how things work. Arman takes it like the school veteran he is and shows Malcome how it's done. TaetheDoug, Daniel Thompson and Leon Holt are in class chillin. It's Tae's first day in class and he has no clue as to what he is in for. Leon gives him a few tips on what the school is about. Daniel suggests that they do a little more and leaves them in class alone. Rogelio Hernandez is a Senior at Cocoboyz University and Anthony Andrews is a freshman in his class. Being new, Anthony doesn't really know what's up so Rogelio gives him the 411 on what usually goes down at school.

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Dewayne pulls his cock out and has Marco suck on it, then puts Marco up against the wall and starts to fuck his ass deep and rough.

Stars: Rogelio Hernandez Leon Holt Anthony Andrews Dewayne King Marco Ashton Arman Woodson Daniel Thompson Malcome Tanner TaetheDoug

Magnitude - Pierre Fitch & Brent Corrigan

June 26, 2015

Two sexy men, tongue fuck each others ass and suck cock

Junior Peixoto BareBangs Tony D

June 26, 2015

Junior and Tony are kissing in bed - their hands wandering all over each other's bodies. Tony takes Junior's cock in his mouth and his soft lips stroke up and down the shaft as Junior's cock gets rock hard. Junior rolls Tony so his ass is in the air and proceeds to gently lick his hole, burying his tongue deeper and deeper while Tony moans in pleasure. Tony wants his cock though and Junior starts pounding his ass with his thick bare cock. Tony urges him on until its too much for Junior and he blows his load all over Tony's stunning face.

Cock and Ballroom - Lucas Knight & Drake Tyler

June 25, 2015

It's been a while since Lucas Knight and Drake Tyler have spent time together. They were good buddies in college, but the winds of fate blew them in different directions after graduation. Now, Drake is getting married in a few short weeks and he and Lucas have decided to catch up a bit and go for a run. As Drake tells Lucas about the craziness of planning for the big day, Lucas senses that his old friend is nervous. Drake explains that he's an awful dancer and expects to look like a fool at his wedding. But Drake forgot that Lucas used to teach ballroom dancing in college. It just might be a lucky break!

Lucas invites Drake to come by the studio at Lucas's gym so they can go over some simple moves that should help Drake to look like a stud on the dance floor on his big day. While they slowly dance together, Lucas holds Drake by his hips, letting his growing erection under his pants brush against Drake's taught ass. Drake can't stop thinking about the time in college when Lucas and he hooked up. He can still remember the taste of Lucas's enormous cock as it slid in and out of his mouth.

The light conversation between the two somehow touches on the subject of their chance intimate encounter. Drake tells Lucas he still remembers it, as it's been the only time Drake has messed around with a guy. Lucas coaxes Drake into having one more hookup, since he won't be able to once he's married. Drake doesn't put up much resistance, and is out of his clothes quick. He goes to his knees to enjoy that fat cock that's been such a prominent memory for several years. Lucas can tell Drake has been salivating for more ever since their one night of experimentation. Lucas returns the favor by bobbing on Drake's erection for a while. Then Drake climbs onto a bench and presents his hole to Lucas. Lucas pounds his friend's tight ass for a while, being sure to make the experience count.

Join these old pals as they rekindle their relationship and make the most of their reunion.