Randy Dixon barebacks Preston Cole

May 06, 2016
Two hot beefy gay guys that have a crush on each other? Yes please! These are the shoots I like to be a part of. You just get to sit back and watch them have fun. Randy’s body is so hard and ripped. Every muscle is gorgeously sculpted. Preston strips Randy down and feasts on his cock. Preston has such a long and beautiful uncut cock. Randy has trouble trying to take it down to the base. Soon they get totally naked and Randy is ready to take his hard latin cock and shove it inside of Preston. Preston opens his legs and is ready to accept that raw cock. They barebacking is hard and fast but also loving and intense. The barebacking continues until they both are covered and filled with cum. Be sure the check out the free gay porn pics of the hot raw action here at Randy Blue.
Featuring: ; Preston Cole , ; Randy Dixon

Tyler Reed and Beau Reed

May 06, 2016

Whether you’re a Tyler Reed fan or just love beefy bossy tops, you’re going to love the hairy, thick hung daddy as he takes Beau Reed and makes those hungry holes his own! When we first mentioned the possibility of fucking Beau at the bathhouse, the raw top’s eyes lit up and he shot us a knowing smile, one that seemed to say, “Yeah, I fucked that little slut but I’d sure as hell fuck him again.” When the bareback pigs met in the locker room they instantly locked lips, making out before taking turns sucking each other. Then, after Tyler gave Beau a rim job, he worked his fat cock inside the bottom’s ass using nothing but spit. After fucking the cock whore against the blue metal, stud Tyler lay back on the floor and offered up that juicy piece of meat. Beau didn’t need an engraved invitation. He immediately took ownership of Tyler’s cock, much the same way Tyler took ownership of Beau’s hole, fucking himself by straddling the stud’s meaty thighs and impaling himself on the engorged slab of beef before Tyler takes the reins once more and bareback fucks the cum out of Beau before rewarding the smooth tattooed bottom with a thick and creamy load of his own.

Between The Sheets - Kyle Kash -amp; JJ Knight

May 06, 2016

Kyle Kash and JJ Knight burst through the door, racing to get naked and start fucking! Kyle strips JJ bare and eagerly sucks on JJ's thick tool. Kyle's eye contact with JJ signals the intensity of their chemistry. JJ buries his face in Kyle's perfect ass crack. They 69 each other's hard cocks, then Kyle sits down on JJ's throbbing hard on. JJ bounces Kyle's ass on his cock, thrusting vigorously from below, and Kyle reciprocates by raising and lowering himself on JJ's man meat. They lock eyes and kiss before switching to doggy style; Kyle is giddy with ecstasy as JJ thrusts deep inside his manhole. JJ's tall, chiseled body ripples in waves as he pounds Kyle's muscular bubble ass. Kyle can't help grinning with the sensation of JJ's expert fucking. The chemistry and intensity build to a massive climax as Kyle unleashes a geyser of semen that arcs through the air. Lying on his back, JJ pumps out thick ropes of cum that coat his abs.

Bareback Study Hall 4: Lessons Learned

May 06, 2016

Bareback Study Hall 4: Lessons Learned cover

After class the homies are still gonna cut-up and misbehave! They are always acting out and they never apologize... so it should be no surprise when they see a piece of ass they want, they just take it!

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After class the homies are still gonna cut-up and misbehave! They are always acting out and they never apologize... so it should be no surprise when they see a piece of ass they want, they just take it!

Stars: Leon Holt Rock Rockafella

Str8 to Bootycamp - Brandon Moore & Damien Michaels

May 05, 2016

Still adjusting to being home from deployment, Private Damien Michaels is finding that not everyone is thrilled to have him home, particularly his girlfriend, who has been giving him attitude since he got back. As Damien has some beers with fellow boot-camper and long time buddy Brandon Moore, Damien's girlfriend gives him a call and starts even more trouble. Brandon witnesses this, and though he's inclined to just keep his mouth shut and mind his own business, he can't help but think maybe he's got a solution to Damien's problem. Brandon asks Damien if he got any action overseas and Damien looks incredulously at him, reiterating that he's been deployed, to which Brandon confesses that boot camp didn't stop him from getting his freak on. Damien picks up what Brandon is putting down, and asks him who he fucked. Brandon corrects him that he was the one getting fucked, which raises Damien's eye brow a bit as Brandon runs his hand up Damien's thigh. Damien is hesitant but admits a hole is a hole, and with that, Brandon unfastens Damien's camo fatigues and begins to suck him off. Damien gets just as hard as you'd expect a guy to get when he hasn't had sex in a year, and it doesn't hurt that Brandon really knows how to suck a cock, deep throating it and gagging on it long and hard in a way that Damien's girl never bothered. His inhibitions out the window, Damien embraces the situation and flips Brandon over on the sofa, tonguing his ass from behind as he strokes his cock in anticipation. Brandon closes his eyes as Damien slips his cock in from behind, pounding his fellow soldier doggy style as Brandon grabs a hold of the couch. Damien fucks like a man deprived, and Brandon enjoys every pounding inch as Damien fucks the cum right out of Brandon, who unmounts Damien's cock and jerks him into his waiting mouth, as Damien fires his rockets and shoots his ammo all over Brandon's waiting face. They don't call it Bootycamp for nothing!


Collegiate Creampies 3

May 05, 2016

Collegiate Creampies 3 cover

With the rock hard bodies they have, most desserts are off the menu for these hot, hung, and horny guys. Lucky for us creampies are their favorite exception! Brayden, Cort, Bradley, and Harley are owned and blissfully fucked until they are begging to be finished off with a thorough seeding. When guys begging to be filled with cream are as hot as these college studs are, they are getting exactly what they want an ass full of cum!

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With the rock hard bodies they have, most desserts are off the menu for these hot, hung, and horny guys. Lucky for us creampies are their favorite exception!

Stars: Cort (Corbin Fisher)

The URGE - Huntin' for Ass - Sebastian Kross & Jacob Peterson

May 04, 2016

Inked up and decked out in leather, Sebastian Kross is wandering around the sex club when he sees sexy Jacob Peterson showing off in a tight black jockstrap. Sebastian sets his sights on Jacob, who bends over to expose his smooth sexy ass. Jacob's tight hole becomes Sebastian's target, and he moves in, gets down and shoves his entire face between Jacob's ass cheeks. Spitting and licking on Jacob's eager center, Sebastian tugs at his cock through his leather chaps and jockstrap. After teasing Jacob's hole with his massive member, Sebastian crams every last inch of his cock into Jacob's throat as he lies on his. Sebastian contorts Jacob's legs in the air so that he can munch on his ass some more while Jacob continues to sucks Sebastian's cock. Jacob's hole if fully prepped and he can't wait any longer, so he gets on all fours and lets Sebastian cock deep into his hot center. Sebastian works up a sweat as he slams Jacob's asshole in multiple positions. While taking an intense pounding on his back, Jacob shoots his cum all over his body and Sebastian pulls out and unloads all over Jacob's cock and nut sack.

European muscle studs James Huck breeds Ken Novotny raw

May 03, 2016
As these two get naked you can see just how ripped they are. These European studs are ripped to the max and ready to fuck. They say they are straight, but their hard uncut cocks are sure liking the gay attention. They start off by sucking cock which leads to a hot 69 session. Then James rims Ken so that he can get his hole ready for his big fat uncut cock. Then James fucks Ken’s ass nice and hard. Ken rides James as his hard cock bounces up and down hitting his own belly as James tears up his insides with his raw cock. Be sure to check out the free gay porn pics of the hot bareback Randy Blue Universe action.
Featuring: James Huck, Ken Novotny

Tropical Adventure, Part 2

May 02, 2016

Pedro Andreas runs into Francesco D'Macho on the beach, and the two muscle hunks retire inside for some cock sucking. Pedro literally sucks the jism out of Francesco, and then proceeds to deep-rim his asshole until he shoots off his own load. The couple then head to the bedroom, where Pedro fucks Francesco with his long man-pole until both studs shoot yet another load of hot jism.

Pool Daddy - Vinnie Stefano & Lucas Grande

May 02, 2016

Vinnie was hired by Luca's Dad to clean the pool thoroughly each and every day. He always does a great job cleaning it but today Lucas has been spying on Vinnie in the hot sun cleaning. He began rubbing his crotch once Vinnie took is shirt off in the scorching hot sun. Vinnie could tell he was watching so he was showing off his body some. Lucas decided to confront Vinnie on his cleaning skills which Vinnie thought he was going to receive praise but nope Lucas berated him instead. Vinnie isn't taking this shit from some snobby rich kid and he tells Lucas just that. Once he speaks his mind he grabs Lucas and pulls him close to start kissing him and Lucas is shocked but really not because he's been wanting that cock for a long time. Vinnie pushes Lucas down to his knees and tells him to suck his cock. Lucas is eager and takes his cock into his wet mouth. Vinnie has a thick cock which fills Lucas's mouth full. They take the action inside the house where Vinnie gets a taste of that big cock. They pleasure each other's balls and dicks until Vinnie is ready to lube up that ass with his tongue. Lucas has one of the best asses Vinnie has seen and he dives right in tasting the sweet nectar of this young stud. Vinnie is now ready to shove his fat cock into this tight white ass. Lucas takes it deep as Vinnie fucks him hard in multiple positions. Lucas has soft moans of delight as Vinnie pumps back and forth pushing the cum out of Lucas. His load shoots all over the place covering his whole chest. Vinnie loves what he just saw and wants to cum hi his mouth. Lucas stands up and starts to suck off Vinnie until his hot load seeps out of his mouth and drips off the side of his chin.