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San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 1 - Fabio Stallone -amp; Tony Orion

July 23, 2014

Tony Orion needs a job and the SF Meat Packers are hiring. He tells cigar-chomping foreman Fabio Stallone his lack of skills are offset by the fact that he's strong, he's flexible and he works really, really hard. Fabio's cock twitches at the prospect. Some might call Tony a bear cub but Fabio is more interested in his potential as a sex pig. Is Tony ready to get his chops porked? Fabio pulls out a monster uncut cock and puts him to the test. Tony sucks like he came from a feed lot where cock was the only food. He lets Fabio undress him and Fabio is transfixed by Tony's hard, hairy buns. Fabio orders Tony to finger his hole, then he leans in for a sniff and a taste. Tony's loins get a tobacco baste when Fabio shoves his cigar up Tony's chute. Then the meat packing commences. It's a deep grinding fuck that leaves Tony wide-eyed and wet with double loads of jism.

Elijah Alexander & Scotty Marx

July 22, 2014

Both of our newest gay porn models were ready to jump into some hard core action. And since we introduce every model with a solo, we decided to let these two jerk off together before they started to fuck. So here is a first of a two part sex romp that will blow your mind and your wad. Elijah Alexander and Scotty Marx are opposite in almost every way. Elijah is 6 foot 3, pale alabaster skin, long ginger hair, and straight. Scotty is 5 foot 7 with olive skin, short black hair and cannot get enough of the cock. They both got in their speedos and sat out in the sun. Of course, Elijah, being a fair ginger started to get red. Scotty warned him that he was burning. Elijah ran inside took off his shirt and began to butter himself up with Aloe. Scotty looked on and began to rub baby oil on himself. And thus begins the game. The two started watching each other get oilier and oilier. Elijah asked Scotty if he liked looking at him. Scotty coyly said, Maybe. Soon they each pulled their cocks out. And Elijah asked Scotty to finger fuck himself. Scotty laid back and plowed his hole with his finger. Finally Scotty came to the doorway as both of them started to get close. Elijah said he was going to cum. Scotty told him to get over to him. He wanted it all over his chest. Elijah busted a load all over Scotty and then Scotty soon followed with powerful squirts of hot jiz. Elijah then grabbed him and pulled him inside for a kiss. Stay tuned this for the second installment where Elijah fucks the living daylights out of Scotty and his tight hole.
Featuring: Scotty Marx, Elijah Alexander

Sexo In Barcelona - Part 2 - Marc Dylan & Goran

July 21, 2014

It's late, and there aren't many guys left at the sex club, but Goran still hopes to connect with someone. In the shadows, a muscular hulk, Marc Dylan leans against the wall. Goran approaches, making sure the first point of contact is cock. Marc, wanting the same, responds with a kiss. Goran lifts Marc's shirt and the shadows accentuate his muscled body, from massive pecs to the deep cleft dividing his abs. Goran sinks to his knees in need of harder flesh to hold and to suck. Marc wants to suck, too, but Goran would rather eat his meaty ass, so Marc holds his cheeks apart. His hole provides the appetizer and the main course, when Goran puts his meat where his mouth was. Marc bucks, his cock and heavy balls swaying in counterpoint to Goran's thrusts. The find something for Marc to lie on and for Goran to get the leverage to fully deliver a power fuck. Goran's orgasm begins with sweat coursing down his tanned torso followed by a thick white eruption that bastes Marc's stomach.

Intensity - Part 1 - Chris Bines & Andrew Stark

July 18, 2014

Andrew Stark kneels on the stairwell and grasps at Chris Bines' entire body as they kiss with serious passion. They make out and rub their beards together in an urgent expression of manly desire. Then they exchange blow jobs, each man tasting himself via his partner. Andrew reaches to fondle Chris' hole and slides in a teasing finger. Chris grasps the bannisters on either side as he lowers himself down on Andrew's eager tongue for a deep rimming. Then he slides down and lands on Andrew's thick, rock hard cock. Their bodies intertwine as they both experience the rush of unrestrained erotic energy. Chris leans over the railing for support and shoots multiple huge spurts of cum while Andrew fucks him from behind. Andrew pulls himself at the brink of orgasm and shoots his own giant load onto Chris' ass. They make eye contact, dazed and exhilarated, and kiss one last time in a passionate display of erotic intensity.

After School Antics 3

July 18, 2014

After School Antics 3 cover

Eight guys schooled in the art of fucking! School's out and twink dicks are itching for some action! Bottom of the class gets all the A grades! Eight jism explosions get these classmates messy!

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Eight guys schooled in the art of fucking! School's out and twink dicks are itching for some action! Bottom of the class gets all the A grades! Eight jism explosions get these classmates messy!

Jarec Wentworth & Richard Pierce

July 18, 2014

First we have Jarec Wentworth. Tall and hairy with a donkey cock between his legs. Then we have Richard Pierce. Tattooed and muscular with a nice hairy straight boy hole that loves to get pounded. When you have these two hot straight studs together. There is no need for a story. Fuck an interview. Screw conversation. Hell, forget even having a set. All we need is just two hot nude men making some nasty gay porn. Sometimes making it all simpler can make it all so much hotter. Jarec towers over Richard has he takes him into his arms and kisses him. Both of them get rock hard in their underwear. It is Jarec that goes down on his knees first. He whips out the turgid cock hiding beneath those white briefs. Richard slams his cock down Jarec and sees how much of a gag reflex he has. Jarec pulls out his rock hard uncircumcised cock as he takes Richard all the way down to the base. Richard sucks off Jarec next, and then he sits his ass right on Richard. Richard opens his mouth and licks his hairy hole. Each mouthful of ass Jarec takes, his cock gets harder and harder. Finally he cannot wait anymore and stuffs his love gun down inside Richard. He fucks Richard until his long cock cannot take anymore and he pulls out and sprays. Richard then cums immediately all over his own chest. As the two make out, they are left speechless at how hot that fuck was. And you will be in left speechless too as you rub one out to this hardcore video porn. Be sure to watch the free gay porn trailer here at Randy Blue.
Featuring: Richard Pierce, Jarec Wentworth

Hard Worker - Cole Christiansen & Brenner Bolton

July 17, 2014

Cole Christiansen is palpably nervous as Brenner Bolton reviews his resume. Cole really wants this job, and as much as Brenner likes what he sees in front of him, the fact of the matter is Cole just isn't qualified for the position Brenner has to offer. But Cole has another position in mind that just may change Brenner's mind, and Brenner is the kind of guy who is open to persuasion, so Cole unbuttons Brenner's shirt and strips him down to his skivvies, pulling his massive hard cock out for Brenner to inspect and admire. No longer questioning Cole's qualifications, Brenner devours Cole's cock, gagging on it as he fondles Cole's balls, before turning Cole over and eating his ass on the conference table. Having sampled the goods firsthand, Brenner is ready to see how Cole works it, so he bends over and Cole plunges his money-maker deep inside Brenner, as he lets out a sigh and exhales. Cole pumps Brenner against the table, then on the table, then next to the table as Brenner shows the stamina that earned him his position in the first place, stroking himself off as Cole pulls out and blasts his face with a working man's load well worth the wait. Brenner, coated with cum and thoroughly shagged, makes the hard decision to hire Cole. It is a very hard decision, indeed.

embrace - Connor Maguire & Jimmy Durano

July 17, 2014

Jimmy & Connor choke down each other's cocks in oral ecstasy

Beefy Bodybuilder Darius Soli Pounds Distinguished Hung Daddy Matt Sizemore

July 17, 2014

As the camera fades in on this weeks scene from BarebackThatHole, we see distinguished Daddy Matt Sizemore servicing beefy bodybuilder Darius Soli. This turns into some intense oral action and it’s not long before they're locked in a 69, with Matt throat fucking Darius. What Daddy wants, however, is a good fuck so Darius goes about prepping Matt; first with his raspy tongue buried deep in his ass and teasing the puckered entrance, then with his fingers, prying Matt open and stretching his hole. The salt-and-pepper Daddy moans and groans like a whore in heat, all in anticipation of what's to come. His hole gets twitchy and before long, Matt's sliding down on the throbbing shaft Darius has to offer. It's all raw, with a thick head, and Matt loves it as Darius then drives into him, raw, deep, and hard. Matt begs for more and his hungry, willing hole takes a pounding. Darius goes to town without hesitation, knowing what Matt needs and wants. Fucking with long thrusts, every inch of his cock sinking into Matt, Darius ends up blasting a huge nut all over Matt’s pulsating ass. He breeds his load into Matt's ass, planting every drop of his sticky seed into Daddy's freshly fucked, sloppy manhole as Matt himself shoots his own wad all over his stomach. Darius feeds the creamy goodness to Matt then shares a sticky, salty kiss before collapsing in bed in a sweaty embrace.

Matt Sizemore Chokes And Gags On Brian Davilla’s Thick Cock

July 17, 2014

The fantasy of sucking a massive monster cock — or being taken by such an endowed man — is one many of us share. Even those of us who prefer to top or claim they would never bottom for another man. In reality, however, few can truly handle such a humongous piece of meat, let alone take it down to the balls. Throats only expand but so far and if we're talking hungry holes, then you have to REALLY want that slab of beef or enjoy the gut-wrenching, hole burning pain. Let's take Matt Sizemore as an example. When it comes right down to it, men like Matt — who are usually top — will become bottom whores for another with a really big cock. Let's face it. There's just something about a challenge, isn't there? Paired with Brian Davilla, Matt finds himself in just such a predicament. Standing naked in front of each other, hard cocks bobbing, Matt and Brian kiss and fondle each other as a warm-up to what will become one hot steamy fuck scene. Matt kneels to service Brian and is quickly brought to tears, choking and gagging from the sheer length and girth of his massive tool. And yet, he keeps going back for more! Such a greedy cocksucker. Eager to ride it, Matt straddles Brian, guiding the thick head of that throbbing shaft into his fuckhole and impaling himself. Matt rides him cowboy while Brian pile drives deep and hard from underneath. Matt’s ass is stretched to the limit…and yet…his hungry hole just wants more. And despite the stretch, despite the pain, despite the tears and the sweating, Matt begs Brian to keep fucking, pounding repeatedly, until he's ready to deliver the load. Each masculine Daddy ends up busting his all over as they cling to each other in this sizzling display of raw man sex.