Randy Dixon Barebacks hot muscle bottom, Jonn Lundgren

September 04, 2015
Randy Dixon and Jonn Lundgren are two gay muscle hunks that cannot keep their hands off of each other. They start to suck face and before you know it their clothes go flying off. They get boners in their underwear, and Randy pushes Jonn down to pull it out. He starts sucking on that huge pecker and takes it all the way down. They both get totally nude and Randy feeds Jonn his cock. But they both want more than blow jobs. Randy lubes up Jonn and shoves his cock inside of him. They bareback in a multitude of positions before Randy finally cream pies Jonn. Then Jonn nuts shooting his white hot cum into Randy as he laps up every last drop. Be sure to check out the free gay porn pics of the hot bareback action here at Randy Blue.
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In Love Or Money - Drake Tyler & Zane Porter

September 03, 2015

Zane Porter has an important decision to make. On one hand, he can get married to the fiance that his parents have picked out for him. On the other hand, he can run away with Drake Tyler. Choice A means he will inherit the trust fund, the brunches, the sad sex on a bear skin rug while he secretly dreams of an escape. Choice B means he trades in all the luxuries for the privilege of having Drake at his side, and to be honest, Zane is leaning this direction, but he has to know for sure that he's made the right choice, so he's asked to speak to Drake in private.Upod seeing his secret flame, Zane's body tenses up, and he wants nothing more than to attack his crush with every ounce of energy inside him. Drake can sense the electricity between them, and pulls Zane in closer. They kiss as Drake runs his hands down Zane's back, and Zane quickly falls to his knees, taking Drake's cock into his mouth. Zane pushes Drake up against a tool shed and it makes a dull thud as Drake's cock grows harder and harder. Drake turns the table on Zane, and with pants around his ankles he drops and takes Zane's rock hard cock into his mouth. Zane closes his eyes has he imagines a lifetime of this sweet sweet feeling, but just then, the guys hear footsteps in the distance.

They hurry into the gym and Drake keeps lookout as Zane penetrates him from behind, pumping and pounding his ass like it could be the last time. Drake feels every inch of Zane as he slides in and out, and Zane slaps Drake on his ass and really gets into it, before they move over to the bench and Drake rides Zane's cock like there was no tomorrow. Zane flips Drake over and grabs the bar for leverage, pounding away at Drake missionary style, fucking the cum right out of Drake as he spooges all over himself, before Drake pulls out and coats him with his load of Destiny. In the throes of the aftermath, it becomes clear to Zane the choice he must make.

And that's the last anyone saw of either Zane Porter or Drake Tyler.


Horseplay - Brandon Jones & Dylan Knight & Mike De Marko

September 02, 2015

There's nothing like a bit of sweaty, summertime soccer to get temperatures and dicks rising. Brandon Jones, Mike De Marko and Dylan Knight start kicking the ball around for a bit of fun, and before long they're down to their jockstraps. Dylan gets down on his knees to service Brandon and Mike's cocks at the same time. Then Mike gets on all fours and sucks Brandon's cock while Dylan fills Mike's ass from behind. The slap of Dylan's hand makes Mike's ass turn red, and it makes Mike even more cock-hungry. Brandon and Dylan take turns plowing Mike's eager hole. Sweat drips off their skin, and their balls hang low in the summer heat. After taking several turns stretching out Mike's hole, Dylan shoots his load onto Mike's ass. Dylan's cum is soon mixed with Brandon's, and their dual ejaculations coat Mike's ass in a sticky glaze. Mike flips over and jerks out a massive, satisfied load as Brandon and Dylan finger his hole.

Gay New Comer Jonn Lundgren cums all over himself

September 02, 2015
Jonn Lundgren is a gentle giant. He is tall and beefy like a club bouncer, but shy and soft spoken like a teddy bear. But all shyness disappears when he gets naked. He removes his underwear to reveal a big fat cock. He jerks if off and begins to get so turned on by the cameras watching him. He stands up and shows off how hard he is. Then he bends over and fingers his tight muscle ass. The stud of beefcake then turns over and nuts all over his belly. I bet you cannot wait to see him take a raw bareback cock for the first time. Stay tuned. Be sure to watch the free gayporn pics of the hot action here at Randy Blue.
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Student Sex Parties

September 01, 2015

Student Sex Parties cover

What's the best place for a cool college fuck party? Night clubs, saunas? No, in the student dorms thats where. You can play the music as loud as you wish, you can party til morning and no-one will complain, cos the boys are all with you! No quick one-on-ones here, the room is packed tighter than these boys' assholes with guys sucking and fucking whoever they want to their heart's content. Young men flesh everywhere with each boy pumping each others holes until everyone blasts a thick gooey jizz shot! Wanna party with the boys?

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What's the best place for a cool college fuck party? Night clubs, saunas? No, in the student dorms thatâ??s where.

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Fuck Hole - Dario Beck & Derek Atlas

August 31, 2015

Dario Beck reclines, legs spread eagle, ready to be taken. He squeezes his balls with anticipation and his finger drifts erotically back and forth across his tight fuck hole. Derek Atlas emerges from behind a curtain of chains, holding his throbbing hard cock. Dario's hormones spur him to jump up and seductively greet him with a passionate kiss. Dario devours Derek's neck, armpit, and nipple with his moist lips. Then his tongue travels to Derek's meaty cock. Derek grasps the chains overhead and unleashes his sex drive by fucking Dario's face. After a juicy oral session, Dario offers his hungry hairy ass. Derek squeezes and parts Dario's furry cheeks so he can drive his nose and tongue into the center. Then he probes his cock deep into the crevice. The friction of fur on fur sets up a current of sexual electricity that makes them quiver and vocalize their ecstasy. Dario gets on his back so Derek can skewer his fuck hole even more deeply. They kiss, and Derek mounts him like a beast, with powerful, rapid strokes backed up by 200 pounds of muscle. Dario flips over and milky cum squirts from his cock. Derek bursts like a dam, shooting white clots of semen across Dario's ridged abs.

My New Brother's Dad: Part Two - Lucas Knight & Nick Capra

August 31, 2015

After the excitement of their dads' wedding, Andy and Lucas and their dads Mitch and Nick were settling into their new place nicely. Everybody was falling into a schedule, running off to work, sports, grabbing food on their way. Andy and Lucas were getting along really well. They were even on the same ball team. And Lucas could tell his dad was really happy with Nick. And honestly he couldn't blame him, he was a total babe. His rippling muscles, and gruff attitude, those big strong arms... It was weird being attracted to his new father figure... he was just Lucas' step dad, but still... But he lived with it, and didn't let it get too awkward. Nick made his dad happy and that's what counts.

Things really changed for the weirder one night though. Lucas woke up in the middle of the night to get some water, but as he was heading downstairs, he saw Andy getting fucked on the couch. Lucas was already growing a boner before he realized that the guy he was getting fucked by was his dad! Woah... weird... but he couldn't tear my eyes from it. But that's not where the weird ends, because Nick was on his way towards me to see if why I was awake. Lucas was speechless. Nothing he could say would stop Nick from seeing what was going on. Lucas just continued to stare in shock, thinking that Nick was going to lose it. He didn't though. He must have been startled for a minute, but it didn't bother him too much and after a second Lucas could feel Nick's cock press against his ass through his briefs and his hands running over Lucas' smooth young chest and down to his already hard cock. It was all so weird. But Lucas secretly had always wondered what getting fucked by Nick was like.

Nick was amazing and new exactly what he was doing. He got Lucas on his knees and made him suck that thick daddy cock. Then he threw Lucas on the bed and throated his new boy's big boner like a pro. He even teased and licked his new son's balls, and then did the same with Lucas' pulsing, hungry hole. By the time Nick stuck his cock into Lucas' ass and thrust powerfully, Lucas was puddy in his hands. He couldn't wait for the next time they'd meet up in the middle of the night.

Straight Boys Fabio Acconi and Seth Bond have a hot and raw massage fuck

August 31, 2015
Fabio is the hot traveling masseur. And seth is the jock with sore muscles. Fabio has Seth strip down and he takes his own shirt off as well. Seth is oiled up and all that touching begins to turn him on. By the time Seth flips over he is already hard. Fabio told him that he can take care of it. What follows is a hot oiled up fuck. Fabio and Seth take turns sucking each other off. Then Fabio shoves his raw cock deep inside of Seth. Seth fucks Fabio bareback all over the massage table. Finally as Fabio fucks Seth doggie style, he cums on the floor. Fabio then pulls out and cums all over his ass and shoves it back in giving him a hot cream pie. Be sure to watch the free gay porn trailer of the hot gay fucking here at Randy Blue.
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Sex Pad - Austin Wolf & Nicoli Cole

August 28, 2015

Instead of a power lunch with clients, sexy executive Austin Wolf opts for a power fuck at the 'Sex Pad' with hot copy-boy Nicoli Cole. Curly-haired Nicoli is on his knees and sucking as soon as the door shuts. The blow job turns into a rhythmic face-fuck that threatens to stain Nicoli's tie with cock slobber. Austin leads him by the hand to the sofa, and they shed their clothes on the way. Once Nicoli's ass is bare, Austin plunges two fingers in. Nicoli's smooth buns react as if they've just been switched on. He drops to his knees and arches his back. But before taking Nicoli's hole, Austin needs to taste it, and he grabs Nicoli's cock stealing a taste in between. He enlists gravity to get his tongue deeper, hoisting Nicoli upside-down until he's resting on his elbows, then his shoulders. Nicoli is a sturdy man, but Austin's massive, hairy muscular body is up for the task. They fuck in four prostate-pounding positions, each working extra hard. Nicoli reaches behind to grab Austin's cock and spear his ass with it over and over. Their ejaculations paint their torsos with white-hot jizz, and Nicoli sucks the final drops from Austin's emptied cock.

Jeff Powers shoots a raw load deep inside of Duke Campbell

August 28, 2015
Jeff Powers and Duke Campbell are two southern muscle hunks ready to fuck. They could not keep their hands off each other. They made out which led to hard ons which led to Duke sucking off Jeff. Then they began to sixty nine. After a hot rim job, Jeff shoved his raw cock inside Duke and pounded his wet hole. They barebacked in every position possible until these two hot nude men both came. Jeff shoved his cum deep inside of Duke before they had one final hot long make out session. This is some of the best gay porn you are going to see out there. Be sure to check out the free gayporn pics of the gay fucking here at Randy Blue.
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