Men of Madrid - Abraham Al Malek & Antonio Miracle

March 22, 2017

The streets of Madrid are filled with sly hustlers looking for the right opportunity. Super sexy Abraham Al Malek doesn't realize when his wallet falls to the ground. Antonio Miracle picks it up and pockets Abraham's cash, but money isn't the only thing he's after. When hunky Antonio returns the wallet, Abraham is so smitten that he doesn't even check for theft. They waste no time returning to Abraham's apartment. Abraham grabs the base of Antonio's cock and slides his lips down the shaft. Spit drips as Abraham tugs Antonio's foreskin with his teeth. Bending Abraham over a chair, Antonio presses his bearded face in Abraham's hairy ass. The center of Abraham's hole flexes in anticipation of Antonio's massive cock. Pressing in, Antonio thrusts his meat deep inside. The hair on Abraham's ass clings to Antonio's cock as he slides in and out of the tight, wet hole. They move to a sit-fuck, and Abraham's cock bounces in time with Antonio's powerful ramming. Antonio pulls out and blasts hot, white cum all over Abraham's hairy legs. Abraham busts his nut too, spraying himself with thick jism. Only after Antonio leaves does Abraham check his wallet and realize he's been played!

Pumping Out A Two Day Load -

March 21, 2017

Twink lad Caesar is like a lot of the guy2 we see, he loves to jerk his dong and pump his loads out and gets off a few times a day usually. He'd been saving up for a couple of days and arrived ready to perform, getting his big hairy joystick out and flashing us that fuckable ass while he strokes. He's so into it, enjoying his meaty tool as he slides his hands up and down, finishing off with a big erupting mess of hot jizz all over the mirror! He needed that, and so did we!

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Dirty Daddy - Josh Hunter & Hans Berlin

March 20, 2017

Hans is watching his cleaning boy scrub down his bathroom while he slowly strokes his cock in his robe. Hans is calling the shots from the bedroom making sure this young buck cleans his bathroom properly. Hans makes his way into the bathroom and pours his coffee all over Josh's back. Hans demands that he takes all of his clothes off so they can wash them. Once his shirt comes off Hans decides to rip all of Josh's clothes off. Josh gets on his knees and services Hans with his young eager mouth. Josh loves sucking on Hans hard throbbing cock since it beats cleaning. Hans sits Josh up on the counter and blows his cock deep and hard tasting all the young precum oozing out of him. They take the excitement into the living room where Hans rims his sweet smooth college ass. Josh has a great sexy hole which Hans is seen loving every minute of having his face buried deep in his ass. Josh's hole is wet and ready for Hans big veiny cock so he pushes in deep and slow doggy style and begins pumping that tight young ass. Josh takes it like a champ and then he rides that cock as well, bouncing up and down the long shaft. Hans continues to fuck Josh on the couch in more ways than one until he is ready to bust. He pulls out of Josh's tight hole and sits on the couch while grabbing Josh by the neck and pulling him towards his cock so he can blow a hot creamy load in his face. Hans lets loose a thick load into Josh's mouth so much so it's leaking out. Josh keeps his mouth wrapped around the hard cock while stroking himself until he blasts a big load all the while cleaning up Hans cock at the same time. Enjoy!

HOOK'D - Alex Gray & Austin Carter

March 20, 2017

Late at night, in a darkened office, Alex Grey is on his knees giving head to Austin Carter. Austin puts his hand on the back of Alex's head, guiding his cocksucker in the art or oral worship. Opening his shirt, Austin reveals a muscular torso dappled with fine hair. Alex stands, and Austin's hands caress the twin round globes of Alex's ass. Bending Alex over the desk, Austin spreads Alex's cheeks and runs his tongue along the length of Alex's crack. Using his tongue, he glazes Alex's hole with spit and pushes it in with his thumb. Simultaneously, Austin rotates so that he can suck on Alex's hard cock. Returning to Alex's ass, Austin strips off the rest of his clothes. With both men fully naked, Austin kneels to the ground and deepthroats Alex's cock all the way down to the base. Alex reaches down and strokes himself with Austin's spit for lube, until he busts his nut into Austin's open mouth. With the taste of Alex's cum in his mouth, Austin blows his creamy load on the tile floor.

Desire: Where Will Yours Take You

March 19, 2017

Desire: Where Will Yours Take You cover

Dive straight into Brandon Jones world of fantasies. The scenes will feature some of his innermost desires, past experiences and sex goals he wishes to achieve. Brandon lays by the pool imagining all the sexy men he will be fucking soon. Hungry for sex, all he seeks is someone to take care of his ass and since no one is there, a dildo will suffice. Enjoy watching him shoot his load under the sun in a lustrous steamy setting. This is where you get into the real intimacy of Brandon Jones. After his new roommate Kevin David moves in, he starts fantasizing him. He walks in on Kevin jerking off and cant resist. Brandon stands in front of him to get his cock sucked. He then devour his man before the steamy duo gets in a 69. It wont be the last time that the two of them will take advantage of their bodies. There is nothing hotter than a man in a suit for Brandon. He just moved in his new office and he already saw some hot guys he could fuck. Alexy Tyler works in the office besides him. Curious about Brandons work, Alexy wonders if he could be a good candidate to star in his movies. Brandon auditions him right here and there. The two men in sexy suits start sucking each other passionately. Alexys hole is wet and ready for the pounding to come. He may just have what it takes to be a star! A new day, a new fantasy. Brandon Jones loves a man in uniform who can take total control of his body. This time he seeks the help of ones of Montreal hottest bad boy: Mam Steel. The stud requests that his conquest leaves the door unlocked, ass up and ready to be taken on a ride. The policeman handcuffs him and starts by teasing his bottom with his stick to prepare him for his large 9 inch cock. This scene should be illegal for how hot it is and Brandon is a repeat offender!

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Dive straight into Brandon Jones' world of fantasies.

Stars: Kevin David Brandon Jones

HOOK'D - Brent Corrigan & Ian Greene

March 17, 2017

Brent Corrigan takes a look at his phone and notices a particularly hot guy on the grids: Ian Greene. Ian likes what he sees in Brent's pics, so they arrange to hook up. As soon as Brent arrives at Ian's place, Ian gets to work servicing Brent's big cock. Thick, slippery spit lubes the shaft of Brent's cock as Ian works his deep-throating magic. Brent slips his fingers down the back of Ian's underwear to finger his hole, then grabs his phone to take some pics. Slipping off Ian's shorts, Brent returns the oral favor, wrapping his soft lips around Ian's rock-hard shaft. Brent returns to fingering Ian's hole, which quickly leads to a full on rim job, with Brent expertly tonguing the sensitive center of Ian's eager ass. When the fucking starts it's slowly at first, then faster and faster. Brent's long, hard cock spears deep into Ian's backdoor. Ian is face down on the couch doggy style, and Brent's round, muscular ass flexes with each pump. Rolling on their sides, Ian raises a leg in the air and strokes his cock as Brent continues his full-throttle pounding. Ian gets on his back with both legs in the air, and as Brent pummels deep into his hole, Ian jerks out a massive, pearly load that splatters across his tattooed chest. Grabbing his hard cock, Brent strokes out a super thick white load, and their cum mingles together as they share a final passionate kiss.

Introducing Grayson Fabre - Jimmy Clay & Grayson Fabre

March 17, 2017

Grayson Fabre is a smart, young, quiet guy from the Midwest, making his on screen debut. Jimmy Clay is on hand to guide him through the process and to see if he's up to the task. Grayson is hesitant and a bit nervous, but also full of excitement and eager to prove he belongs. Jimmy senses this and eases him along, first sucking him off before sliding his hard cock deep inside Grayson and slowly working it in. Grayson rides him slowly at first, then proceeds to bounce up and down on Jimmy's cock, before flipping over and taking every inch of Jimmy's pounding like a vet. Jimmy watches as Grayson strokes his cock, telling Jimmy to fuck him harder as he spits his first load on camera. Jimmy pulls out and blasts Grayson with a huge load that covers Grayson from his waist to his face, proving that Grayson has what it takes to make it. Enjoy!

Doc's Orders - Jimmy Durano & Tryp Bates

March 16, 2017

Sexy patient Tryp Bates is visiting Doctor Jimmy Durano about not being able to take his man's huge cock. Doctor Durano is more than happy to help Tryp out. After examining Tryp's hole with a few fingers, Doctor Durano gradually widens Tryp's ass with multiple toys, each one bigger than the last. Doctor Durano says 'I think you're ready for something bigger,' alluding to his massive meat. He bends Tryp over his examining table and glides his humongous, uncut instrument swiftly into Tryp's hairy ass. Tryp follows his 'Doc's Orders' and gets on his back to take even more. Tryp's legs are high in the air, and Doctor Durano stretches Tryp to the max until he busts his wad onto the examination table, leaving Doc to coat Tryp's fuzzy ass in cum.

JD Phoenix Smoke And Dildo Play! - Boys-smoking

March 16, 2017

Hairless, chainsmoking 19 year-old JD Phoenix hops into bed, takes off his cloths and fires up his Benson & Hedges Menthols. Smoking one after another, JD rubs his hole, pumps his cock, and eventually shoves a HUGE anal toy in his hungry hole while he smokes! This hardcore smoker gets himself all worked up and unloads his jizz while he smokes up the room!

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We Unleashed A Cummy Beast! -

March 14, 2017

If you haven't seen part one of this pairing then you need to go and see that too. When gorgeous str8 boy Lucas arrived to jerk off and admitted that he didn't know what he would do if he had the chance to enjoy another knob, we knew he was going to be an interesting boy to film. He admitted that he jerks off two or three times a day, so we kind of knew he was all about the cock and he would probably appreciate another one to play with. We really didn't expect what happened when Caleb got things started with him. His knob just doesn't stop! He grabs cock, sucks shaft, cums, frotts, cums again, sucks some more... It's like we've unleashed the greediest knob fan we've ever seen! In total he shoots three jism loads in his first time with a guy. We can't wait to see him enjoying plenty more after this. The way he makes Caleb spew his big load after so much cock play tells us he's here for a lot more fun to come.

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