Cock Fight! - Landon Conrad & Shawn Wolfe

August 29, 2016

Cameras flash. Trainers oil the opponents' bodies. Ding! Landon Conrad and Shawn Wolfe emerge wearing jock straps and footgear, backed up by lots of sexual bravado and attitude. Shawn scores first body contact, but Landon lifts him off the ground in a bear hug. Chewing Shawn's lips, Landon reaches around to pry Shawn's ass cheeks apart and ram a finger in: preview of what's to come. Headlock ... liplock ... they struggle and writhe. Muscles ripple, cocks smash together. The jock straps come off and Landon is left holding two hard cocks. Shawn scores again with first suck, quickly reversed by Landon as the bell ends round #1. Between rounds, Landon shadow-boxes and Shawn jacks off. Round #2: rimming. Landon mounts a boxing bag and offers Shawn his ass. Shawn's tongue and Landon's fingers vie for occupancy of that hot hole. Shawn grabs Landon's fingers and sucks them as the bell closes the round. Shawn prepares for the final round by ramming his hole with a dildo, for Landon to see. Landon growls, vowing to make Shawn his boy. At the bell, he charges in and pins Shawn doggy style, but in a surprise move Landon flips for Shawn to fuck him. Shawn cums mightily in Landon's face and mouth and Landon splats his juice on his hairy chest. Who got you going most and should take this steamy match?

Aiden Storm and Dean Ryder

August 26, 2016

After filming several guys fucking in a Vegas bathhouse, we decided to stick around to see who else might be interested in being filmed. We found Aiden Storm and Dean Ryder. Dean was taking a shower when Aiden showed up but kept on moving, as you do in a bathhouse. Aiden eventually found his way back to Dean, watching porn on his own. The two connected like a pair of magnets, making out and sucking each other before Aiden decided he was going to town Dean’s ass. Bending the eager sex hound on all fours, Aiden buries his face in that hairy crack and tongue fucks the whore. It sure made us wish WE were the ones getting rimmed by the bearded thick hung top! Aiden fucks Dean bareback, shoving his raw cock inside the hungry fuckhole as he builds towards a hefty breeding.

Wild Weekend Part 1 - Ken Rodeo & Wesley Woods

August 26, 2016

The crew is chilling over pizza and beer at their vacation house on the river, settling in after the drive up from San Francisco. Ryan Rose asks European studs Brute and Ken Rodeo why they decided to come visit. Ken says that they wanted to see what San Francisco Pride was all about, and Brute adds that they want to 'shag as many blokes as possible.' Ken says that he views American guys as a challenge - because they're more uptight sexually! The Americans protest, proclaiming that they're just as sexually liberated as Europeans. But it's late, and the guys head to bed without resolving their debate. Later, as Wesley Woods is undressing for bed, he hears a knock at his door. It's Ken, and he wastes no time telling Wesley, 'I want you to fuck me!' 'That's very to the point,' says Wesley, feeling a bit shocked, but something about Ken's assertiveness really turns him on. They start making out, and Ken goes down on Wesley's cock. Moving into a 69 position, Wesley eats Ken's ass while Ken continues sucking Wesley's cock. Ken jerks his cock and rides Wesley's face while moaning with pleasure. 'Fuck, you taste good!' exclaims Wesley. Wesley leans back on the bed, and Ken sits on Wesley's cock and rides it like a cowboy. They switch to doggy style, and Wesley gives his cock to Ken with long, powerful strokes: all the way in, all the way out. Rolling on to his side, Ken makes his hole extra tight for Wesley to fuck him sideways. Moving to missionary, Ken strokes himself off while getting fucked, blasting his creamy load on his stomach. Wesley jerks his load out into Ken's open mouth, dripping cum on his chin, and bends down to taste his load on Ken's lips.

Dick Dorm 7

August 26, 2016

Dick Dorm 7 cover

Haze And Confused: Every college guy that wants to join a frat, dreads the idea of getting hazed to get into the frat. For some reason, these guys on our latest submission seem like they were enjoying the hell out of this initiation ritual. These guys were ready for anything, from tying their cocks, to push ups to whatever. At the end, the guy with the lowest points will blow another guy till he cums, and so he did. I personally think that every frat should haze their pledges this way. Loving Shots: I guess gay guys would do anything for money. Maybe not, but when you are talking about ten thousand dollars, things change. One roommate works at the gym, and saw this guy with a huge cock. He started talking to him and convinced him to come over to do a video for money. Apparently he agreed with the condition to not show his face. Fair enough they said. He came over and almost right away they started sucking his cock and jerking him off. This was almost an hour of some of the hottest gay sex we have ever gotten in a dickdorm submission. Good job boys... Off Limits Off: This latest and greatest submission comes from a couple of kids that they actually went out and ask people around if they wanted to be on a video and win money. At first I thought that no one in their right mind would say yes, but Lord be Hold, someone actually did. The guy was up for anything only if he can cover his face up. Once the so called straight guy shows up, he's received by three naughty hot guys sucking this poor guy off like a set of vacuum cleaners. As soon as he busted his nut, he was out the door in a New York second, leaving everybody at the dorm wanting more. So, in a natural progression, the rest of the boys got pretty busy with each other turning this video into an all out fuck fest. Enjoy.

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Haze And Confused: Every college guy that wants to join a frat, dreads the idea of getting hazed to get into the frat. For some reason, these guys on our latest submission seem like they were enjoying the hell out of this initiation ritual.

Closet Case Hookup - Dante Martin & Damian Black & Allen Lucas

August 25, 2016

As Dante Martin and his boyfriend Damian Black get busy in Dante's bed, roommate Allen Lucas lurks in secret hiding in Dante's closet. Stirring around, the two hear him and discover his spying. An irate Dante demands answers, but Allen can only offer up weak sauce excuses. Dante notices Allen staring at both of their cocks and asks Allen what he's doing. Allen confesses that he's never seen another cock besides his own, and Dante picks up on Allen's cue, asking him if he wants to touch them. When Allen doesn't immediately decline, both Dante and Damian close in on him, swinging dicks hanging out in the breeze as they inch them closer and closer to Allen's face. Confronted with two giant hungry cocks, Allen gives in and takes one in each hand, alternating as he gives each one a little taste, before plunging both of them into his mouth. Dante notices that Allen, himself, is packing quite the package, and he decides to take a ride on Allen's pole while Damian continues to feed Allen eight inches of meat.

Allen fucks Dante well but what he really wants is to see what it feels like to get fucked, so Damian and Dante abandon the original plan and decide to take full advantage of the treat they've been gifted, taking turns pounding Allen's virgin ass. Allen takes the pounding like a champ, as Damian loses his load all over Allen's face. Feeling the cum dripping down his face, cockpig Allen spits his load as Dante fucks him harder and harder, pulling out and dousing Allen with a huge facial load that seems like it will never end.

Now cum covered and broken in, Allen realizes why Dante was always sneaking around the house, and Dante realizes why he always thought he heard something coming from the closet. Looks like both guys will be able to be more open now.


Thomas Ride creampies Marco Marcconi with his white hot cum

August 24, 2016
Marco Marcconi is sitting his chair lusting after Thomas Ride. Thomas puts on a little strip show for Marco and his audience. We all are pretty into it. He gets naked and reveals his massive pecs and humongous biceps. And by the time they both free their uncut cocks from their underwear, they already have their arms around each other. They start making out which leads to some hot blow jobs. Then after the hot knob slobbing, Marco bends over and readies his hole for a serious pounding from Thomas’ huge thick cock. He slides it in raw and they begin to bareback with fierce thrusts. Marco gets fucked really hard until they both cum ropes of white hot jiz all over each other.
Featuring: Thomas Ride, Marco Marcconi

Wild Weekend Part 1 - Ryan Rose & Jason Maddox

August 24, 2016

Roommates JJ Knight and Wesley Woods stroll through the Castro. All around them, San Francisco is gearing up for Pride. The guys are headed up to the river for a chill weekend getaway with some friends, including JJ's college roommate Ryan Rose, who's now the hottest male underwear model in the world! Over coffee, JJ tells Wesley about the one time he and Ryan got drunk and sucked each other's dicks in college. Meanwhile, as Ryan himself cruises the San Francisco Embarcadero, Jason Maddox cruises for cock on his phone. After sharing some sexy pics, Ryan and Jason meet up in a public restroom for spontaneous cock sucking. Jason uses his tongue to stimulate Ryan's sensitive mushroom head. Trading places, Ryan impales his face on Jason's meat. As Jason thrusts his hips, his big nuts bang against Ryan's chin. Switching once more, Jason deepthroats Ryan's cock with steady, intense strokes that bring Ryan to orgasm, shooting his milky load all over Jason's face. With Ryan's cum streaming down his cheeks, Jason jerks out his load onto the bathroom floor. They kiss, pull their clothes back on, and Ryan makes his way to meet up with his friends. JJ and Wesley return to their place to find JJ's cousin, Brute, waiting on their doorstep. He just arrived from London with his Austrian friend, Ken Rodeo. Ryan rolls up and the guys all trade introductions. Wesley is really excited to meet Ryan, but Ryan seems more interested in Brute and Ken. What will happen when they all get to the river?

My Dad's Best Friend - Wesley Woods & Austin Ryder

August 22, 2016

Austin is relaxing by the pool listening to music with his headphones while taking in all the sun and a beautiful summer day. What he doesn't know is that Wesley is knocking on his front door but he can't hear a thing. Wesley checks all the windows and still doesn't see anyone so he heads to the backyard and sees Austin laid out. He calls out Austin's name a few times but he can't hear a thing because of the headphones wrapped around his ears. Wesley shakes Austin which scares him a little bit but then he recognizes Wesley. Wesley is Austin's Dad's best friend and he's known Austin for 12 years as well. Austin informs Wesley that his Dad is not home and then he begins to rub Wesley's leg which turns him on and they both begin to kiss. Wesley has wanted to fuck Austin for many years now and he finally has the chance. Austin starts to service that big cock in the summer heat spitting and licking his way up and down Wesley's big thick shaft. Wesley than spreads Austin's legs far and wide so he can now blow that sexy young cock while using his fingers to bang that young ass. Austin is moaning and groaning every time those fingers go in and out of his ass all the while Wesley sucking his cock something fierce. The sweat is kicking in from the heat so they take the action in to the house where Wesley lubes that young ass up with his wet eager tongue. Once Austin's ass is wet and ready Wesley gives his cock to the young buck deep and hard. Austin ends up riding him amazingly working his hips in perfection until Wesley flips him onto his knees and fucks the cum out of him. Austin is still begging for it so Wesley strokes his cock until his load splashes all over Austin's face.


Tropical Adventure, Part 1

August 22, 2016

Luciano Prado, Tommy Lima and Dennis make up the three-way here, and macho stud Luciano is the recipient of attentive oral action from his buddies at the beginning. Luciano reciprocates, giving his two friends equally good blowjobs, before they all shoot. Later, Dennis rides Luciano's cock sideways as he sucks Tommy, and Luciano blows a hot load at the end of the fuck.

But this scene has more to go, with Tommy and Dennis getting rimmed by Luciano as they press their cocks and asses together in a hot piggyback ride. Before this group blows yet again, they use plantains wielded by Luciano as ass toys while they stroke their cocks. Then, the extraordinary Luciano is on his back taking it from Tommy.

Dennis shoves his cock into Luciano's mouth while Tommy is fucking Luciano, and then Dennis fucks Luciano. The blistering finish has Luciano spewing a load on his taut body followed by both Tommy and Dennis drenching the stud's body with even more cum.

Jayden Brooks and Aaron Cedar

August 19, 2016

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. We don’t know if that’s true but what we DO know is that if your man knows his way around a kitchen, that makes for a very satisfied couple. And if they’re satisfied in the kitchen, chances are they’re satisfied in the bedroom, too. But why leave it there? Why not fuck in the kitchen as well? That way, you’ll be doubly satisfied! That’s exactly what Jayden Brooks and Aaron Cedar do as they take turns sucking and rimming each other on a large kitchen island where they serve each other up in a smorgasbord of cock, hole, plenty of bareback fucking and loads of jizz!