Hot Amish Dude Gets His Ass Toyed On Camera For Cash

October 13, 2008

Ok chief... this here free image gal just might make ya a tad confused because the str8 guy (Jona) starring in it is a little out of the usual kind of wang wielding str8 boy that makes their way to the set of a Broke Straight Boys shoot...

Jona... is Amish... I know it is rather confusing that someone raised Amish would be in to flogging the dolphin on tape while another stud stuffed anal beads up is chocolate hole. Either way, watching Jona tugging his woody while his bung was lubed up and fucked with a fake dick is some damn hot BrokeStraightBoys action. Am I right here?!

straight Amish man jacks off and gets his ass played with

I've got a feeling that Amish str8 stud Jona has toyed with his cocoa canal more than a handful of times in his private time. Why do I think that? Well... compare it to the other str8 studs on Jona took that vibrator up his cocoa canal and seemed like it was no big deal. A ton of the str8 men I have seen gettin' sex toy fucked for the first time don't look all that comfortable ya know...

Whether or not Jona has had a vibrator inside him before or not, this here absolutely free straight gone gay photo gal is stunning. When you're finished with it thought be god damn sure to go over to BSB for unrestricted access to the rest of Jonas little show as well as piles more straight studs throwing out their inhibitions for some moolah. Cya!